Stacey Hang

for portland school board at large

Hello Portland, my name is Stacey Hang and I am running for the Portland Public School Board’s At-Large seat in November 2020. My goals are to have safe schools, smart decisions, and a balanced board.

Why I’m running for School Board

I want to bring a fresh perspective to the Board. We’re a diverse community, however, sometimes it feels that our well-intentioned board does not consider all viewpoints before making a decision.

Something I have found in my years of working with students is that politics don’t belong in schools, parents want their children to thrive and feel good about school, and students just want to feel a sense of community and to belong.

I believe that knee-jerk reactions are not the best way to implement meaningful change.

I want to bring a balance of ideas to our school board and be a voice for those that do not often speak up. I’d like to prove to my children that adults can still have intellectual dialogue, exchange ideas that differ, and find ways to work together.

Our students need stable guidance and an education that builds a strong foundation for them to become successful, productive citizens in the world.

If I sound like a good fit, please consider voting for me on November 3. I’d be honored to have your vote.

The Leadership Our City Needs Right Now

About Stacey

I was born and raised in Portland, and my family’s roots here run deep.

My Dad grew up in East Deering and my Mom on the Hill, with large family ties to Cliff Island. When I was little, they started a family construction and millwork company and settled in North Deering. 

My brothers and I loved growing up here, and it was an easy choice for all of us to give our kids (9 of them between the three of us) the same experience. We all have homes in North Deering now, and all but the youngest of the cousins (age 4) attend Portland Public Schools.

I’ve spent my entire adult life working and caring for children. I was a middle school health teacher for 10 years before going back to school to get my BSN and become a nurse.

I worked at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital for several years, earned my National Certification for Pediatric Nursing, and am currently entering my fourth year as a high school nurse. 

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